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Hand carved, cast sterling silver earrings created by Paxton Mobley. Paxton's sterling silver earrings come in both fish hook style and post style. All of our sterling silver earrings are handmade and come hand signed by Paxton.

Hand Carved and Cast Sterling Silver Earrings

Paxton's sterling silver hand carved earrings are beautifully rendered and come hand signed by the artist. These original handcrafted sterling silver earrings are completely handmade and come with your choice of sterling silver fish hooks, if you prefer more of a dangling earring feel, or post backs for a closer to the ear look. The detail and quality of Paxton's carved sterling silver earrings, paired with the personal attention given to each individual piece, creates a product that surpasses the boundaries of mere jewelry design to become small fine art sculptures. Many of our sterling silver earrings consist of wildlife earrings and animal earring designs but will soon also cover gothic earrings, skull earrings, dragon earrings, fantasy earrings and more. Some sterling silver earring designs currently in production are: sand dollar earrings, parrot tulip flower earrings, snake head earrings, bat earrings. Other sterling silver earring designs coming soon are: scorpion earrings, eagle head earrings, tree frog earrings, horse earrings, skull earrings, ocean earrings, and dragon designs in earrings. Please check back as we often add more new sterling silver earring designs.