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What is my Belt Strap Size?

*Measuring Your Correct Belt Strap Size:

The simplest way to order the correct belt strap size is to select the most comfortable strap that you own. Lay the fully extended strap on a flat surface. Measure the distance, in inches, from the hole that is most comfortable (the ideal hole is the third or center hole), to where the strap folds around the buckle. Do not include the length of the buckle. This number is your correct strap size. If you do not have a strap to measure you can get a good idea of your strap size by adding 2 sizes to your standard ready to wear pant waist size, i.e. 32 waist = 34 belt.

*Measuring Your Correct Belt Strap Width:

The belt strap width is the vertical measurement, in inches, of a strap. When choosing a belt buckle to fit on an existing strap or one you are purchasing from us, be sure the strap width corresponds to the width of the buckle fitting.