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About Us

Paxton Jewelry was founded by artist and designer Paxton Mobley in 2009 to showcase his original handmade sterling silver jewelry, belt buckle designs and leather accessories. A artist owned and operated business, Paxton Jewelry builds its foundation on high quality original hand made products paired with superior customer service tailored to each customer's individual needs. In 2012 Paxton's wife Marne Mobley, a seasoned jewelry designer in her own right, joined the business and began helping her husband as well as designing her own line of jewelry. Each design is created with a passion for detail, precision and form, progressing through many steps of refinement until the final piece is created. In keeping within the fine art tradition, each hand crafted piece is hand signed by the artist to preserve its originality, providing the customer with a valuable work of wearable art. To learn more and view some videos on our handmade jewelry process visit our Made the Hard Way... page. As both the artist and owners, Paxton and Marne offer their customers high quality, hand-crafted in the USA, original jewelry, belt buckles and handmade leather accessories backed by over 20 years of experience in the professional art and jewelry trade. Those that choose to acquire one of Paxton's hand crafted designs are rewarded with a valuable work of wearable art, the exquisite beauty of which is only surpassed by its superb quality. 

Paxton Mobley
I have always considered myself an artist from a very young age. After graduating with a double major in studio art and art history from Queens University in North Carolina, I moved to California to pursue a career as a Fine Art painter and sculptor. For close to 20 years I painted, sculpted and marketed my work through galleries, expos and agents. It was not until 2009 that I uncovered the wonderful world of jewelry making. Exposed for many years to the world of jewelry through my wife, Marne Mobley, a professional jeweler, I finally decided to put my fine art abilities to the task of carving wearable works of art. My designs started out as large sculpted belt buckles but quickly progressed to include smaller pendants, charms and more. I feel owning one of my handmade jewelry pieces, is like owning a miniature work of art. I hope my wearable works of art hold an artistry and uniqueness that will bring you a lifetime of enjoyment!

Marne Mobley
I love working with metal, mainly sterling silver and have been creating jewelry and working in the jewelry industry for over 25 years. After almost 23 years of working and creating for other companies, I finally made the move to create, market and sell my own line of jewelry, as well as coming aboard to help my husband, Paxton, in 2012. I am very lucky to say that the move to start our own companies and work together in our studio has been a successful and fulfilling venture. We love what we do and I feel this shows in our work and designs. I hope you enjoy browsing our jewelry and find that little something you can cherish for years to come.