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Made The Hard Way...

... all by Hand

All of Paxton's Jewelry is truly handmade from start to finish. Everything from the carved and cast sterling silver designs, to the fabricated items like money clips and tie bars, to the genuine leather work like belt straps and bracelets, are all completely handmade by Paxton and his wife Marne in their workshop. Below are a few videos that might shed some light on the handmade process and how much time is invested in all the jewelry pieces they offer.


Creating a Master Design

This first video is one that was created as a memento for the actor Andrew Lincoln (who plays Rick Grimes on the hit TV series The Walking Dead) when he commissioned Paxton to create his personal cast and crew gift for the end of season 5's filming (if you want to learn more about Andrew Lincoln's commissions and other Notable Works Click Here .) The video below shows the process Paxton goes through for designing, hand carving, casting and finishing an original master design that will be used later to create the production pieces.

The Creation of a Master Design
(zombie belt buckle master for Andrew Lincoln)
video soundtrack by musician Johnathan Coulton


Creating a Production Piece

After a master design is created a master mold is made so that production pieces can be produced. The video below shows how each production piece is wax injected into the master mold, then sprued, invested, cast and finally cleaned up all by hand into the jewelry piece that has been ordered. This video shows the steps your order would go through to be completed before shipping and will give you a good idea how much hands on times is given to every piece we create and ship out.

 The Creation of a Production Piece
(an eagle head pendant necklace)