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Genuine Leather Belt Straps

Original Handmade Custom Genuine leather Belt Straps

Paxton Fine Buckles and Jewelry Design offers high quality handmade custom genuine leather belt straps exclusive to our website. Our leather belt straps are handcrafted by Paxton from his own custom design and come in 3 beautiful colors. Each leather belt strap is freshly handmade to order from our workshop. When we say fresh, we mean the leather belt strap is created at the time we receive your order, not pulled off a shelf or a rack where the belt strap has been sitting for months or even years. Paxton cuts each leather belt strap from a sheet of English bridle genuine leather. This high quality leather has been drum dyed and hot stuffed to create a beautiful colored leather that is durable yet flexible. Our custom belt straps with their distinctive character are very different from the machined, uniformly colored leather belt straps you might find in department stores. They compliment Paxton's handcrafted belt buckles beautifully, as they also come stamped and hand signed on the backside of the belt strap. By purchasing one of our original genuine leather belt straps, you will be purchasing a unique handmade custom belt strap to go with your brass or sterling silver buckle, made by hand exclusively in the USA.