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money clips

Handmade Sterling Silver Money Clips

Paxton's sterling silver handmade money clips are more than just a money clip but a work of art. The detail and quality of his carved sterling silver designs, paired with the unique sterling silver money clip made completely by hand, creates a product that surpasses the boundaries of mere jewelry design to become a fine art sculpture. Our sterling silver money clips are stamped and hand signed by the designer Paxton. Many of our sterling silver money clips are inspired by wildlife money clips and animal money clip designs but will soon also cover gothic money clips, skull money clips, dragon money clips, fantasy money clips and more. Some sterling silver money clip designs currently in production or coming soon are: scorpion money clip, eagle head money clip, snake head money clip, tree frog money clip, bat money clip, horse money clip, skull money clip, ocean money clip, sand dollar money clip, and dragon designs in money clip. We also offer a simple sterling silver money clip for those that still would like a quality handmade money clip without a carved adorning design. Please check back as we often add more new sterling silver money clip designs.