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sculpted buckles

Large Sculpted belt Buckles in Sterling Silver & Brass

Sculpted, carved and cast belt buckles in sterling silver and yellow brass by artist and designer Paxton Mobley. These original handcrafted belt buckle can fit both 1 1/4” and 1 1/2” belt straps and comes stamped and hand signed by the artist (sterling silver buckles also come numbered). All our sculpted buckles are created from original hand carved designs by Paxton and come in many original design ranging from wildlife belt buckles, animal belt buckles, gothic belt buckles, and many more designs coming soon like fantasy belt buckles, flower belt buckles and more. The artistry and unique hand made quality of our sculpted, hand carved and cast sterling silver or yellow brass belt buckles make them stand out in the fashion world. By purchasing one of Paxton's line of original sculpted, carved and cast belt buckle designs you are purchasing a wearable piece of art that will bring you a lifetime of enjoyment.