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What is my Ring Size?

The correct ring size is very important whether you are shopping for yourself or for a gift. While it is no problem exchanging rings for a different size on most of our rings we sell, by ordering as close to the correct size as possible could save you shipping charges and the hassle of returning and then waiting for your new ring. Scroll down to see our Ring Size Conversion Chart

Different Methods of Measuring your Ring Size

A) Have yourself sized by a Jeweler.

The absolute best way to ensure you are ordering the correct ring size is to have yourself sized by a local jeweler in your area. It is very easy for a jeweler to quickly size a customer and most shops or stores will do it at no charge and on a walk in basis. Call around or drop in to a local jewelry store and get yourself sized. (all out rings are made in US standard ring sizes) *Please Read down below “C) Measuring your Ring Finger” for good tips to follow before going in to have your measurement done.

B) Measure a Ring you Already Own.

step 1- Get a ring that properly fits the intended finger (wider or narrower band widths fit a tad differently so try and use a ring that is similar in size of the one you are ordering).

step 2- Measure the inside diameter of the ring. The best way to do this is to cut a thin strip of paper and place it inside the ring snugly and mark where the paper overlaps on itself. Lay this paper out on a ruler and note the measurement in either millimeters or inches (we recommend MM for a more accurate measurement). 

step 3- Then compare the measurement to the ring chart below. If you fall between two ring sizes we recommend ordering the larger size of the two.

If you have a tapered candle you can also slide the ring down the candle, mark on both sides of the ring, remove the ring and then wrap the thin piece of paper around the spot where the ring stopped. Mark the paper the same way and measure I, and compare to the ring chart as stated above.

*If you are buying a ring as a gift, try and borrow the persons ring to do the above measurements.

C) Measure your Ring Finger

Your ring should fit snugly but comfortably on your figure while being loose enough to slide over your knuckle. Finger sizes can change over the course of the day so it is best to take measurements at the end of the day when your fingers are usually at their largest. (another thing to take note of is that finger sizes are generally a half size smaller when cold so be sure to warm up your hands)

step 1- Cut a thin strip of paper around ¼” wide long and 2” long.

step 2- Wrap the strip of paper around the base of the finger you will be wearing the ring on then mark with a pen where it overlaps on itself after forming a complete circle. If your knuckles are noticeably larger than the base of your finger you can also wrap the paper around your knuckle and mark that measurement as well.

step 3- Lay the strip of paper flat on a ruler and measure from the strips starting point to the mark you made. You can use inches or millimeters but we recommend mm for a more accurate measurement. If you made two marks on your strip of paper because you measured your knuckle also then make a new mark in the middle of the two marks and use this middle mark to take your measurement.

step 4- The measurement you get can then be compared to the chart below to get your US ring size. An example would be that if your measurement was 53mm you would match this to the “Inside Circumference” on the chart which would convert to a 6.5 US ring size.

If you know your ring side in a measurement other than US/Canada sizing, you can use the conversion chart below to convert this size to the US measurement we need for your order.

Ring Sizing Conversion Chart
Ring Size Conversion Chart